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Happy Easter – April Fools’ Day From The Independent

April 1, 2018

Whitewater Rafting Comes To Monroe County

March 27, 2018
​With the deluge of rain falling this week, area creeks are overflowing their banks. That means it is prime time to white water raft. Why spend the money traveling far away when you can enjoy a day of adventure right in our own back yard. The Maeystown Polar Bears invite folks to put on their... Read More

Monroe County’s New Year’s Baby

January 1, 2018
The first birth of the New Year in Monroe County is credited to the bull son of Foxie Roxie and Catapult Allscheid. The family has not yet named the New Year’s baby. The calf was born at 2:30 a.m., Jan. 1, 2018 at the Allscheid Farm off Andy’s Run in rural Waterloo. The bull weighed in... Read More

Discussion topics at Monroe County’s very first Thanksgiving….

November 23, 2017
Who will win the big Thanksgiving Day football game between Bellefontaine and Peterstown? Turkey and dressing is fine for this holiday, but I suggest we stick to fried chicken and mostaccioli as the main dish for all other formal gatherings.  Columbia is such a fancy town that city officials are requiring all log homes be... Read More

Following Heavy Rain, Ark Spotted Floating Through Bottoms

April 29, 2017
With several inches of rain falling this weekend, local folks are doing their part to handle the deluge and safely live through the predicted flash flooding. Rural Harrisonville resident Noah Matzenscheimer is doing all he can to save his livestock at his family farm. Noah has built a large wooden boat, loaded up his family... Read More

What happens to your body after digesting a Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino…

April 25, 2017
Despite all the warnings, folks continue to order the trendy Unicorn Frappucino from popular coffee chain Starbucks. The colorful high sugar beverage is already having dire repercussions to the health of those who consume the drink.  And why aren't the makers of My Little Pony suing Starbucks for copyright infringement?

Mushroom Hunting Underway In County

April 2, 2017
On this warm, sunny spring Sunday day, Monroe Countians have made their way into the woodlands to hunt for the fungal delicacy known as the morel mushroom. Reports are streaming in and pictures are being posted to Facebook of this year's early harvest. Folks are admitting to collecting morels, but few are providing details of... Read More

Dispensation Granted Allowing Meat On A Lenten Friday

March 17, 2017
photo - Padre Jeff Vogt slices corned beef on March 17. While JV's is a longtime downtown Waterloo establishment known for great Friday fish specials, the St. Patrick's Day holiday staple of corned beef was the featured menu item.   - photo by Gage Wienhoff The bishop's dispensation allowing meat to be consumed this Lenten... Read More

Star Wars Holiday Special – 1978

December 26, 2016
While Rogue One claims to be the first Star Wars stand-alone story - aren't they forgetting the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special? A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Chewbacca races home to celebrate Christmas with his family.  While many jokes are made about the made-for-TV classic, here is a high-res version of... Read More

Monroe County Still Too Early To Call

November 8, 2016
Election results are beginning to stream in after the Monroe County polls closed at 7 p.m. Early exit poll data shows Columbia, Valmeyer, Harrisonville and Fults will likely give their Electoral College votes to Trump, while Maeystown, Waterloo, Renault, Burksville and Fountain are leaning toward Clinton.  "Once again Ames will be the swing state for Monroe... Read More