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Star Wars Holiday Special – 1978

December 26, 2016
While Rogue One claims to be the first Star Wars stand-alone story - aren't they forgetting the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special? A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Chewbacca races home to celebrate Christmas with his family.  While many jokes are made about the made-for-TV classic, here is a high-res version of... Read More

Monroe County Still Too Early To Call

November 8, 2016
Election results are beginning to stream in after the Monroe County polls closed at 7 p.m. Early exit poll data shows Columbia, Valmeyer, Harrisonville and Fults will likely give their Electoral College votes to Trump, while Maeystown, Waterloo, Renault, Burksville and Fountain are leaning toward Clinton.  "Once again Ames will be the swing state for Monroe... Read More

Accusations Of Voter Intimidation Rampant At Local Polling Places

November 8, 2016
Voter intimidation has been rampant at certain Monroe County polling places. Many area voters are reporting that poll workers, which are mostly local senior citizens, are “forcing” them to have a cookie and a bit of coffee before they are allowed to vote. “All I wanted to do was take part in my civic duty... Read More

Hopskeller’s Matt Schweizer Thanks All For Support – Looks To Future….

October 24, 2016
A word of thanks and hope from Hopskeller Brewmeister Matt Schweitzer… He and Waterloo officials were in Chicago this weekend accepting an award honoring their study of Waterloo’s history. While Matt was a teacher at Gibault, he spearheaded a project with his students studying Waterloo’s history. Here are Matt’s words late on a Sunday night… Whew,... Read More

Toilet Paper Sales Skyrocket

September 26, 2016
Smart investors have once again put their money this Homecoming season in shares of Charmin, Quilted Northern and Cottonelle. "Toilet paper is flying off the shelves as fast as week can stock it," said Henry Matzensheimer, owner of the local IGA. "We've doubled the price, but teenagers still fill their carts with TP."  "I've doubled... Read More

Heavy Snow Predicted According To Persimmon Seeds

September 17, 2016
Monroe Countians should expect to deal with plenty of snow this coming winter. The age-old persimmon test was conducted today revealing the snowy prognostication. Lifelong residents Vicki (nee Hoffmann) and Roger Taake performed the official weather prediction today at her home in rural Maeystown.  "Me and Roger picked a whole punch of persimmons this morning,"... Read More

How to prepare for driving Rt. 3 through Waterloo…

September 16, 2016

Decepticons Attack Valmeyer

July 19, 2016
Today's power outage is believed to have been caused by an attack by the evil Transformer Decepticons. Megatron is rumored to have been spotted filling up today at Mike's Convenience. At least the morning coffee guys swore that some strange outsider walked in earlier today.  Coming to the rescue was Optimus Prime, who was disguised... Read More

Monroe County’s Favorite Game Show…..

July 7, 2016

Justice Turns A Blind Eye To Local Ordinances

July 7, 2016
The Monroe County Democrats have sidestepped local zoning laws pertaining to political signage allowed to be posted less than 30 days before an election. Local officials have taken the pragmatic decision to just let it go.  Monroe County Political Sign Code….ORDINANCE 99-19Whereas, the Monroe County Regional Planning Commission and the Monroe County Zoning Board of... Read More