Board Approves 45 mph Zone On Stretch Of Bluff Road In Columbia

By Joe Leicht
Responding to accident numbers and potential for accidents, Monroe County Superintendent of Highways Aaron Metzger recommended the county board pass an ordinance creating a 45 mph speed zone on Bluff Road in Columbia between Bottom Road and Old Bluff Road. The previous limit was 55 mph.

"There are a lot of accidents in that location, and much of the reason for it is speeding," Metzger told the board.

The roughly one-mile stretch is in rural Columbia between Bluff Road’s mile marker 13.45 and 12.40. It includes the Columbia airport area through Valmeyer Road where a number of commercial entrances converge with Bluff Road.

The board approved the ordinance, but directed Metzger to install some form of warning device or sign to alert drivers to the impending speed-limit change.

(Note: This is a correction to a story posted earlier on April 18 which incorrectly stated the 45 mph zone went to Old Bluff Road in Valmeyer. The new speed zone only affects a stretch of Bluff Road in Columbia.)