Passing Motorist Pulls Man From Burning Car

Passing Motorist Pulls Man From Burning Car

Bob and Bernice Reinhold consider Brenda Chandler a hero. Brenda thinks she was just at the right place at the right time. But thanks to Brenda’s timely actions, Bob Reinhold is alive and well, after becoming stuck momentarily in his burning car.

The incident took place at the Reinhold’s residence along LL Road in rural Red Bud (Monroe County). Bob was driving their car as Bernice was in the passenger’s seat. While in reverse turning the car around in their driveway, the wheels became stuck in the mud.

Bob put the car into drive, and then reverse, etc., but the car wasn’t budging. Soon the motor overheated and the engine caught fire. Bernice was able to get out from her side, but because of the angle of the car, Bob couldn’t get the driver’s side door to stay open long enough to get himself out. As Bob struggled, the flames grew and smoke billowed from underneath the car’s hood.

Brenda Chandler

At that exact moment, Brenda Chandler of Hecker happened to be driving by. She saw the commotion taking place in the driveway. Without a moment’s hesitation, Chandler pulled into the driveway, ran up to the burning car and assisted Bob in exiting his vehicle. Everyone then got to a safe location to place the 911 call.

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies, an ambulance and the Red Bud Fire Department were soon at the scene. Firefighters quickly had the fire extinguished. And to everyone’s pleasure, there were no injuries.

The Reinhold family is very thankful of Chandler’s selfless actions. “We would like to thank the Red Bud Fire Department, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, the paramedics and our neighbors for their quick response to assist our parents,” said the Reinhold’s children. “Most importantly, we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to Brenda Chandler for her heroic efforts which saved our parents’ lives!”

Chandler is very humbled by the kind works. “Sometimes we are at the right place at the right time to make all the difference to someone,” said Chandler. “At that moment it might seem impossible to say a prayer and dig your heals in. You will be amazed what you can accomplish,” she said. “I think I did what a lot of people would do. Just the timing was perfect for me to be there at that moment and I feel like there God has his hand in making all workout.”

Chandler said at first she was scared and frantic, but then it just all started to click. “I am just thankful that it all worked out. I have been thanking God many times since,” she added.