Rural Waterloo Home Destroyed In Friday Night Fire

Rural Waterloo Home Destroyed In Friday Night Fire

Kyle Zygmund lost his home and most of its contents in a Friday night blaze, Friday, Jan. 26, near the intersection of KK Road and Rt. 3 south of Waterloo. Zygmund was out of town in Indianapolis when the fire broke out. He has since returned home after hearing the sad news. 

Rodney Cissell was on his way home when he drove by at 10 45 p.m. and saw the flames. He called 911 to alert the fire department. Firefighters from Waterloo, Red Bud and Hecker responded to the scene a 5916 KK Road. When they pulled up to the scene flames were shooting out of the roof and every window of the ranch-style structure. Firefighters poured thousands of gallons of water into the burning home.  They had to deal with strong wind gusts out of the south as well as steady rainfall. The blaze was under control by 12:15 a.m. Waterloo firefighters remained at the property until 3 a.m. putting out hotspots. 

Ironically, Rodney and his wife Bethany lived at the home several years ago. They have since moved a few miles down the road. The home was built by the Mroz family.

Waterloo Fire Chief Aaron Shive said the fire started in the main floor and quickly spread. Firefighters were able to prevent the fire from reaching the basement, so most of Zygmund's items stored in the lower level were saved from damage. Shive added there appears to be nothing suspicious to have sparked the blaze. Zygmund wishes to thank Cissell and all the firefighters who took part in putting out the fire.  

Waterloo Fire Chief Aaron Shive directs firefighters during Friday night's fire along KK Road.

An exhausted Waterloo firefighter emerges from the smoke of the burning home.