Senior Center Bus Involved In I-255 Accident

All injuries considered minor
There were 11 people from Legacy Place transported to the hospital today with minor injuries following an accident on I-255 between Columbia and Dupo. Four ambulances transported all 10 passengers and the bus driver to St. Anthony’s Medical Center with what are being considered minor injuries – mainly bumps, bruises and small cuts. “Everyone should be just fine,” reports a Legacy Place spokesperson.

A Legacy Place bus left Waterloo this morning just after 11 a.m., heading to Eckert’s in rural Belleville. The bus drove through Columbia and then proceeded northbound onto I-255. As the bus drove past George Weber Chevrolet at 11:30 a.m., an accident took place involving a few vehicles. The Legacy Place bus driver swerved to miss one vehicle, but then collided with the back end of a station wagon.

“The bus driver did a phenomenal job of maneuvering to avoid this being a more serious accident,” said the Legacy Place official.

Police officers from Columbia, Dupo and the Illinois State Police were soon on the scene checking on the condition of the passengers, as well as diverting traffic. Four ambulances responded from Columbia, Dupo and Medstar. Firefighters from Columbia and Dupo also came to the scene to help out.

The families of all Legacy Place residents involved in the accident have been notified.

A Legacy Place transportation bus pulls into the Waterloo facility. One of Legacy's busses was involved in today's accident on I-255.