Two Teens In Custody After Fleeing Police In Stolen Car

Two Teens In Custody After Fleeing Police In Stolen Car

Two Missouri teenagers are in custody after leading local police in a high-speed pursuit Sunday morning throughout the county. The two were handcuffed in Maeys Station after blowing a tire on the railroad crossing at Bluff Road and Outlet Road (between Maeystown and Valmeyer). A teenage boy was driving the Pontiac Sunfire, while a teenage girl was passenger.

At 9:45 a.m., Columbia police officers were on the lookout of a black Pontiac Sunfire reported to have been stolen in Missouri and headed along I-255 toward Illinois. The car had been also been involved in a wreck on the Missouri side. A truck involved in the wreck was also following the Sunfire. The driver of the truck ended his pursuit to discuss the matter with other Columbia officers on the scene.

The Sunfire failed to stop for the Columbia squad car with its lights and sirens on. The car fled Columbia at an excessive speed south on Rt. 3 toward Waterloo. The Columbia officer reported the car was heavily swerving from lane to lane. As the car approached Waterloo, WPD and County deputies joined in the pursuit. The car drove through two red lights along Rt. 3 and continued south to Red Bud.

Through the chase officers followed at a safe speed and distance, relying on police cars ahead of them to provide updates on the location and excessive speeds of the stolen vehicle.

The vehicle continued south on Rt. 3 at speeds in excess of 90 mph. The car eventually drove into the city of Red Bud where it made a U-turn around a block and headed back north on Rt. 3 toward Waterloo. After getting back to Waterloo the car turned west on Rt. 156 and went through old town Valmeyer and Harrisonville. The car continued driving on Levee Road before heading through Fults to get back onto Bluff Road.

The pursuit continued back toward Maeystown before turning left on Bluff at Chalfin Bridge. The driver lost control as he maneuvered over the railroad crossing at Bluff Road and Outlet Road in Maeys Station. The car continued north on Bluff Road riding on three wheels. The vehicle stopped about 1/4 mile north of the railroad crossing. Officers soon had the driver and passenger out of the vehicle, handcuffed and sitting in the back of two squad cars.

Additional details will be reported as they become available.

Monroe County deputies arrest two individuals suspected of stealing a car and leading local police through a multi-county pursuit that ended in Maeys Station along the Monroe County bottoms.