Discussion topics at Monroe County’s very first Thanksgiving….

Discussion topics at Monroe County’s very first Thanksgiving….

Who will win the big Thanksgiving Day football game between Bellefontaine and Peterstown?

Turkey and dressing is fine for this holiday, but I suggest we stick to fried chicken and mostaccioli as the main dish for all other formal gatherings. 

Columbia is such a fancy town that city officials are requiring all log homes be covered with brick.

How can we afford the growing taxes needed to pay for the one-room schoolhouses?

What to do about the stage coaches speeding along the Kaskaskia Trail.

Those dang German immigrants moving in are the cause of all the crime and are taking away all the jobs of the original French and British settlers. When the krauts start winning political office – that will be the downfall of the community.

Valmeyer will soon be a great port town along the Mississippi since that river will most likely never rise and cause a flood. 

That Schneider girl claims to be the very first girl "from home."

Early settlers are wearing red tri-corner hats bearing the slogan – Make Illinois Territory Great Again.

Courthouse personnel being trained in Morse Code in preparation of Harrisonville Telegraph Co. installing a new fangled communication device.

Welcoming all the European immigrants arriving at the Harrisonville Landing... and asking all others to kindly wait to disembark at the dock one county to the north or at Laclede's Landing on the Missouri side of the river. 

Will Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton’s duel result in stricter musket laws impinging our Second Amendment rights?

If Thanksgiving were on Friday, would we serve fried cod and fries instead of turkey?