Following Heavy Rain, Ark Spotted Floating Through Bottoms

Following Heavy Rain, Ark Spotted Floating Through Bottoms

With several inches of rain falling this weekend, local folks are doing their part to handle the deluge and safely live through the predicted flash flooding. Rural Harrisonville resident Noah Matzenscheimer is doing all he can to save his livestock at his family farm. Noah has built a large wooden boat, loaded up his family and all his livestock.

"I've been watching the Mississippi River rise on the other side of the levee, and think this time around I want to play it safe," Noah said.

Noah built his ark by tying 10 jon boats around his old pontoon boat. Then, using his tractor's high-lift, he attached a log chain onto one of his barns and set the barn atop the makeshift boat. "I'm hoping to float down Fountain Creek and get to higher ground near Rocher," said Noah. "I've loaded up enough food and beer to make it for another week or so."

Noah Matzenscheimer's cows make their way toward an ark which will float them to higher ground.

On a positive note, Waterloo has finally gotten their long-awaited water park.