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Covid Fair Queen Gets Free Car

By Monroe County Independent | July 23, 2020

The covid pandemic has impacted the economy with reverberations to the Monroe County Fair. During a normal year, the Fair Queen gets to drive around in a complimentary car from George Weber Chevrolet. Well, this year, the Fair’s royalty has been provided a slightly used, higher mileage mode of transportation. Covid Fair Queen Ed-itor Wienhoff …

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USA… USA… USA…. We Flattened The Curve!!

By Monroe County Independent | June 26, 2020

The United States has proved to be up to the challenge of flattening the curve. After reaching the first wave peak of the covid-19 pandemic, the numbers started going down. This is believed to have been the result of social distancing, hand washing and face mask wearing. Well, to make sure the U.S. didn’t fall …

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First Refusal!!!

By Monroe County Independent | June 26, 2020

For those keeping score, Gabe Schneidensheimer was turned down by a woman at Main Street Saloon at 11:48 a.m. He is is credited with being the first local dude to be turned down by a woman since the local bars allowed patrons inside. Gabe had gone three months without being turned down by a female – …

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Cartoon State Of Denial

State Of…

Cartoon Discomfort Food

Discomfort Food

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