Pedestrian DUI Maze

By Monroe County Independent | August 6, 2019

Downtown Waterloo streets are packed every weekend night with throngs of folks taking in the nightlife as they walk from bar to bar along the Main Street drag. In an effort to make sure no one has been overserved, the Waterloo Police Department has strategically set up a series of orange cones. Patrons traveling between …

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Folks Beginning To Move Back Into The Bottoms

By Monroe County Independent | July 22, 2019

As Mississippi River Recedes… Folks Are Beginning To Move Back Into The Bottoms

Democrats Keep It “All In The Family”

By Monroe County Independent | May 28, 2019

Boy the way the Southern Illinois Democrats have played… Walking in Belleville’s Labor Day Parade Union guys like us we had it made Those were the days… The Costello and Reitz boys were assured a win But now Monroe County’s taken it on the chin Mister we could use a man like Melvin Price again …

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Lighter Side of Local News

A humorous take on local events. This is just for fun.


Cartoons are meant in good humor. 

cartoon Twas Him

Monroe County’s Opioid Problem – Who’s To Blame?

cartoon Spiderman

Southern Illinois Spiderman

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