Mushroom Hunting Underway In County

Mushroom Hunting Underway In County

On this warm, sunny spring Sunday day, Monroe Countians have made their way into the woodlands to hunt for the fungal delicacy known as the morel mushroom. Reports are streaming in and pictures are being posted to Facebook of this year's early harvest. Folks are admitting to collecting morels, but few are providing details of their lucking picking spots. When pressed for a location, one local morel hunter simply stated, "I found them on the ground, somewhere in the woods." 

With addition rain expected through this week, follow by a sunny next weekend, another good time to hunt may be this coming Saturday and Sunday. 

(For the delivery of meals-worth of morels, the Ed-itor is willing to trade a subscription to the paper.... or for a nice bowl of morels, he'll keep you or a relative's name out of the police report!)

Veteran morel hunters Kaelan and Cody Mudd of rural Waterloo are looking high and low for the elusive morels.

A fridge filled with morels is becoming a common sight in Monroe County.