Lucy Enbring’s Family Adventures

Blooming Redbuds Or Not, We Aren’t The Only Ones With Crazy Spring Weather

April 15, 2016
It’s no secret that our mild winter weather has had us all shaking our heads. What’s up with that demented thermometer?  An early-morning, sleepy-eyed look at that instrument tells me it can’t be working right. How can it be in the low 30s when only yesterday evening I was sitting outdoors on the deck reading... Read More

Do You Wonder What To Do While You’re Busy Growing Old: Here’s One Of The Best Perks

March 18, 2016
Among the many perks of growing older is the one that gives you a chance to watch your grandchildren grow up, a chance to wonder which road in life they will take, and what they’ll do to get there.   It’s always a guessing game, and so much fun to play.   Sometimes those rascals... Read More

This Winter Armchair Traveler Soaks Up News Of A Granddaughter’s Honeymoon Trip

March 4, 2016
After suffering from a bad case of cabin fever this winter, how refreshing it was to hear about an exciting honeymoon trip to New Zealand taken by granddaughter Laurel and new husband Chris Sedronsky. A highlight of the trip was a stop in Honolulu, Hawaii, where both Laurel and sister Gretchen were born. Laurel said... Read More

Valentine’s Day Is Over, But The Loving Thoughts Sent Should Last All Year Long

February 23, 2016
This column almost didn’t get written. The past weekend was spent looking through old valentines given to me, and saved throughout the years from everyone in the family.  The cold winter weather was the perfect backdrop for this kind of reminiscing, for what was there to do outdoors except feed the birds and take out... Read More

Where Was Agatha Christie When We Needed Her To Solve The Bluff House Mystery?

February 9, 2016
Late one recent chilly Sunday evening, sons Tim, Jeff and I were watching another western movie on TV -  Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven.  I was already dozing after a very busy day, ready to call it a night and go to bed. I slowly straightened up from my favorite lounging position on the couch, then... Read More

Another Trip Around The Sun, And Still Looking For Ways To Make Time Stand Still

January 1, 2016
There is something nostalgic about having another year pass into oblivion. Didn’t the days used to last longer?  Is there no way to stop the clock? Days evaporate, months skid by, and before you know it, we are tearing the last page off the old calendar and tacking up a new one.  My only regret... Read More

Whale Watching, Tidal Pools, Lighthouses, Funny Looking Pigs, Best Of All – A New Baby

December 22, 2015
No one could have guessed that, after a fantastic family wedding in Napa Valley, more adventure was still ahead. Since we were already out West, why not explore the Oregon coast?  Some family members left for home, but remaining were grandkids Bear and Erica, her husband Neil, and me. Daughter Susie would do the driving,... Read More

Christmas, The Perfect Time To Kiss And Make Up, Because Life Is Too Short To Stay Mad

December 18, 2015
As the year comes to an end, and we start decorating our Christmas trees, there must be many of us wondering what to do about the crazy, mixed-up world we live in. How did it happen that so many changes could take place in just one short life-time? Most of my senior friends will agree... Read More

No Telling What Santa Will Be Putting Under The Tree For Mom This Christmas

December 10, 2015
           Heaven only knows when the tradition started, but once our kids started earning a little money working on the farms during summer, I was finding little gifts for me under the tree every Christmas.             They especially liked giving gifts of food, something that could be shared with all the... Read More

The Vineyards In Napa Valley Are Still Standing After An Unforgettable Engbring Wedding

November 6, 2015
It’s a sure thing that Sonoma, Calif., will never be the same after the family descended on this historic city last month for granddaughter Laurel’s wedding. Her Dad John left all the arrangements up to his wife Teri, who did a magnificent job of planning a wedding over 500 miles away, one that was to... Read More