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Crying Over Spilled Milk – Literally! – Works For Parents

December 2, 2016
Whoever said ‘it’s no use crying over spilled milk’ has apparently never had a toddler. They’ve also never had said toddler spill an entire sippy cup of milk on the fabric upholstery of the backseat of a 2013 Chevy Cruze. And forget to mention it. For four days. Because let me tell you, when I... Read More

Give The Child In Your Life A Christmas Gift They’ll Remember

November 18, 2016
The holiday season is now in full swing, so most of us are already deep in the gifting trenches. We’ve been making lists, perusing sales and hoarding wrapping paper and gift bags. If you have children in your life, you’re likely scouring the stores for sales and hoping to find the “hottest” toy or game... Read More

Heed My Warning: The Internet Is Not A Parent’s Best Friend

November 4, 2016
As a columnist and a mom, I feel it’s important that I share certain safety concerns with my readers. If anyone out there uses lotions, diapers, creams or wipes from Sweet Peony Baby, you should definitely look into the safety recalls.  In fact, I’d suggest you stop using the product immediately and throw it out. ... Read More

Family Is What We Make It – Lines Are Blurring Between Friend And Family

October 21, 2016
The little kids who lived next door to me when I was 12 had lots of aunts and uncles, probably 10 or 15 of them. Their dad has two siblings and their mom has somewhere between six and seven brothers and sisters, if memory serves me right. Their family parties were big, noisy and lots... Read More

The Five Superhero Skills You Develop When You Have Kids

June 16, 2016
Parenting is a sink or swim situation.  No class, book or well-intentioned advice is going to prepare you for the realities of explosive poops and toddler tantrums in the middle of Target. When they hand you the kid and send you home from the hospital, they offer good luck and assume you’ll get the hang... Read More

A Mother’s Day Gift For All Moms – No More Judging and Criticism

May 5, 2016
This year for Mother’s Day, there’s one gift I’d like to give moms everywhere.   No, it’s not more sleep. Or more wine. Or even a free vacation to a quiet beach.    (Trust me ladies, if I had the magic wand to give you all those things, I wouldn’t be sitting here banging away... Read More

The Fibs We Tell to Survive Parenthood

April 15, 2016
There are a few essential tools that help each of us survive parenthood. Chocolate. Tylenol. Wine... and the occasional fib. Before you gasp and think, “I’d NEVER lie to my child,” ask yourself if you tell your kids about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. If so, you’re totally busted. Now, I’m... Read More

Working Parents Struggle With Guilt, Face Morning Tears At Dropoff

April 7, 2016
There are lots of things that make being a working mom difficult. The crazy schedules, the mind-consuming guilt and constant running are just the tip of the working parent iceberg. Some parents work because they have no choice. For a myriad of reasons, from health insurance to income, surviving on a single-parent income is fast... Read More

You Just Might Be A Parent If….

March 25, 2016
For this week’s column, I asked my fellow parents for some help. In the spirit of comedian Jeff Foxworthy, I asked parents to fill in the blank on this question: If ___________, you might be a parent. And boy, did my readers deliver! I laughed out loud at some of these, and I’m sure I’m... Read More

Toddlers – The Answer To Any Parent’s Neat Freak Tendencies

March 7, 2016
I think I’ve found a medication-free cure for mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. Children. Children are the cure. I’ve always been a relatively high-strung individual, and in my home, I crave cleanliness and order. While a little dirt and dust don’t necessarily bother me, I really, really hate when things are messy or out of place. I... Read More