School Pick Up Lane

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cartoon School Pick Up Line

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The 2020 Illinois All-State Pep Band from Columbia High School is, left to right, first row, Matt Hoffman, Alex Webb, Aiden Sullivan, Tristan Oestreich, John Grohman, Adrianna Misra, Nick Prindiville, John Zola, Garin Hrdlicka, Easton Mueller and Tom Crossley; second row, Dominic Dalpoas, Liam Vineyard, Nathan Cleary, Kierre Gray, Connor Richey, Megan Fix and Kylee McGuire; third row, Eric Druley, Alex Blum, Zach O’Leary, Lydia Dowell, Maddie Parker, Daniel Lechner, Dominic Auer, Caleb Bahr, Will Denny and Ethan Sturm; fourth row, Tony Newcom, Samantha Herman, Jack Augustin, Sean Auer, Madison Groom, Ben Valentine, Curtis Crossley, Alex Roider and Michael Casetta; fifth row, Mason Mills, Jesse Griffin, Miguel Brown, Colin Osborne, Jaden Laue, Christine Wallace, Dakota L’Hote and Emma Groetecke; sixth row, Alyssa Eynon, Thomas Koenigstein, Jalen Ralph, Austin McCann, Isabella Crabtree, Oliver Romero, Natalie Busch and Kaitlyn Koenigstein; seventh row, Amanda Koenigstein, Audrey Sullivan, Olivia Elie, Grace Dailey, Alexa Aguilar, Luke Haubein, Tom Krueger and Evie Carlson; eighth row, Morgan Seals, Brock Krueger, Patrick Dent, Carter Schnaus, Keegan O’Bryan, Peter Gutknecht, Mason Albers and Patrick Birner; and ninth row, Mariah Butler, Tregan Knoerschild, Maddux Miers, Brooklyn Oestreich, Joey Caya, Riley Klevorn, Connor Daley, Alycie Caya and Adam Barnard.

Columbia High School Named 2020 Illinois All-State Pep Band

For the 11th time, the Columbia High School Band has been named the 2020 Illinois All-State Pep Band. The honor...
school parkview renee IMG-4392

Parkview Elementary Announces January Terrific Kids

Parkview Elementary’s January Terrific Kids are, left to right, first row, second graders Leilani Ohlau, Abigail Kelley, Lucas Sitze, Sophia...
William Wirth, right, won first place at the Gardner Elementary Spelling Bee. Connor Kleinschmidt was the runner-up.

William Wirth Wins Gardner Elementary’s Spelling Bee

William Wirth took home the first place trophy at the 2020 Gardner Elementary Spelling Bee. Connor Kleinschmidt was the runner-up....