Wide-Scale Power Outage — Route 3 Closure

The Rt. 3 and Vandebrook Dr. intersection. The streetlights are out and emergency crews are walking in the area, so approaching vehicles should use extreme caution.

11:30 p.m.

All lanes of Rt. 3 have reopened south of Waterloo.

Electric crews continue to work on the lanes along Rt. 3. They will work overnight to restore electricity to the hundreds of local homes who remain without power.

There is no electric to the stoplights at Rt. 3 / Vandebrook. Approaching motorists should treat this as a four-way stop.

For those who approach the intersection – USE EXTREME CAUTION.


9:50 p.m. Rt. 3 may possibly be open as early as 12 midnight. No guarantees - just the current estimate. Power should be restored by early Thursday morning.

Update: 9:40 p.m. Drivers taking the designated detours around the Rt. 3 closure are reminded to obey all speed limits. There are some reports of cars on Old State Rt 3 / JJ Road, etc. exceeding the speed limit.

Update.... 9:15 p.m.

The Monroe County Electric Co-Op estimates power will remain out until early Thursday morning.

Route 3 on the south end of Waterloo will be shut down completely from South Market St. to Old State Route 3 (John Deere). (The hope is that it will re-open before tomorrow morning’s rush hour.)

Vandebrook Drive is open for those who live in the two subdivisions back there.

In addition, there are traffic signals not operating or on flash in Waterloo. Motorists are reminded to approach intersections with caution and, for the ones not properly functioning, to considered them as four-way intersections.


Just after 7:30 p.m., a truck got entangled with a low power line near Rt. 3 and the old entrance to Vandebrook. The wire wrapped itself around the truck’s axle causing a long stretch of wire to stretch and fall. When it was all said and done there were live wires down in Waterloo from the old entrance to Vandebrook to South Library and along South Market.

The power flickered and several transformers blew. The Waterloo, Fults and Poe substations were all affected, and a wide-spread power outage ensued.

“Unfortunately, with the location, darkness and the amount of damage to the lines, it will take until the early morning to get power restored,” reports the Monroe County Electric Co-Op. “Rest assured our crews are working hard to get power restored as quickly as possible.”

The Co-op reminds citizens to stay clear of the area.

Vandebrook Drive is open for those who live in the two subdivisions back there.


Power outage.. 7:40 p.m.   Avoid South End Of Waterloo.

All lanes of Rt. 3 are closed from the south end of Waterloo (South Market) to Old Rt. 3 (John Deere).

There is a large-scale power outage affecting Waterloo and to the south. Citizens are asked to avoid driving in the area, and do not approach the area on foot or bike, etc. 

These are Monroe County Electric Co-Op lines. A crew is on the scene working to handle the situation. Waterloo firefighters are assisting. Waterloo police officers, county deputies and Waterloo City employees are staging at the Road Closed signs that have been set up.

The initial report is that a main transmission line went down near the old entrance to Vandebrook. A vehicle became entangled in the downed live wire. This tripped the power and knocking out several transformers leading to a wide-scale power outage.

The persons inside the vehicle are not believed to be injured, but they are being checked out by Monroe County EMS.

A second vehicle became entangled in lines down along South Market (closer to Waterloo High School).

Traffic is being diverted around the area.

POWER COULD POSSIBLY OUT FOR AN EXTENDED TIME, but Co-OP crews are hard at work trying to resolve the issue. The County Co-op thanks everyone for their patience as they handle the situation.